Complex entrance examination 2480
Consultation of a specific problem (without a complex examination) from 1480
Preventive check-up Covered by insurance
Intraoral X-ray examination Covered by insurance
Dental Hygiene 75 min – entrance examination + initial treatment + entrance package of aids 2280
Dental hygiene – inspection from 580
Home whitening 6480
Combined whitening – home + office 9480
Endodontic treatment of root canals including root construction from 15000
Re-Endodontic treatment of root canals including root reconstruction from 16500



Aesthetic composite filling from 2480  
All-ceramic crown from 17000
Metal-ceramic crown (metal-ceramic) from 15000
Highly aesthetic ceramic veneers from 20000
Application of local anesthesia Covered by insurance
Analgosedation from 6000
Tooth replacement with an implant including a crown from 39000
Comprehensive periodontal examination 3480
Conservative treatment of periodontitis 22800
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Why should I pay for my treatment?

Many patients are not clear on how it is possible that the care of some dentists is fully or largely covered by the insurance company, while in others, on the contrary, the patient participates to a large extent in the payment.

Several factors contribute to the price and outcome of the treatment. If the doctor wants to do their job well and with a lasting result, it is necessary to devote enough time to the procedure. The technology of making any work in the oral cavity requires a predictable amount of time. If the doctor is not patient or does not have enough time reserved for the patient, the performance must be decreased somewhere, and everything will then be reflected over time in the quality and durability of the treatment. That is why each patient has a sufficient length of visit reserved for their treatment.

Another factor is the doctor’s self-education – there is a wide selection of courses available, lectures and seminars, both theoretical and practical, in which dentists can participate. It is necessary on the part of the doctor to devote time, energy and considerable financial resources, which will then be
used in increasing the quality of the care provided and in the possibility of offering the latest and most effective available methods for maximum client satisfaction,

about which a doctor would not have the slightest idea without a continuous investment in his education. Another difference between the individual practices and the reason for the different prices is the technological and material equipment of the practice and, of course, the added comfort and services for the patient.

From all these factors, the so-called minute cost of the surgery (performance) can be calculated. This, as can be seen from the above, is different for each dentist. And it is precisely from the predictability of the length of the treatment of individual services and the minute cost of the surgery that the treatment price list is formed.

What about insurance company payments?

Regarding the payment of treatments by the insurance company, the payment for treatments provided here has hardly changed for many years. Payments by insurance companies for a given performance are usually far behind the already mentioned minute costs. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to cover the current costs of quality dental care in this way.

If, as doctors, we want to do high quality work, the results of which we will stand behind, this care cannot be covered by the insurance company – whether because of the materials used, the technology or the time required to perform the procedure. If, on the other hand, the dentist wants to use mostly insurance companies to pay for the services, they must naturally reduce the per-minute costs. This is manifested either by outdated technological equipment or by shortening the treatment time – which again is going to have an impact on the quality of the treatment.

By law, it is not possible (at least not for all procedures) to combine payments from insurance companies and the patient. That is why most top practices and dentists charge “higher” prices for treatment.

Although the amount of the price does not necessarily determine the quality of the dentist.

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