Dental implant

This is the most modern solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. It is a “fixed” solution, meaning that the replaced tooth is permanently in the mouth.

Simply put, a dental implant consists of two parts. One that is firmly anchored under the gum in the bone (the titanium “screw”) and the other forms the visible crown part of the tooth itself. The two parts are firmly connected.

If done correctly, it is very difficult to distinguish the implant from the “real” tooth.

In the event of the loss of all teeth, the entire dentition can be replaced by 2 to 8 implants.


This is a developmentally older option than a dental implant, but in some cases it is still an irreplaceable option for replacing a missing tooth. As in the case of an implant, it is a fixed option. The name bridge more or less fully describes the actual meaning of the treatment. The teeth adjacent to the gap form the supporting pillars and the gap itself is bridged by an interproximal bridge. Everything is then in one piece. In the case of a bridge, it is therefore necessary to affect the surrounding teeth, which must, of course, be in good condition.

Dental prostheses

The least appropriate treatment is a treatment with removable dentures.

In our practice we offer total removable prostheses or total removable prostheses anchored on implants. The only advantage that removable prostheses present is relative affordability.

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