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Doctor Šikl is a true expert and professional. Before the procedure, he always explains everything to me in detail and then performs everything precisely and carefully. I have been his patient for several years and I always leave him completely satisfied. We need more experts just like him.

Mgr. Petr Bubniak

I would like to thank Dr. Caha for the excellent treatment that he has provided in terms of
reconstruction of my teeth. I would never have thought how far modern dentistry has come these days. Amalgam fillings were replaced for ceramic fillings, plus other modern intervetions that I can´t even describe from the position of a patient. My teeth now look completely authentic. I am very satisfied with Dr. Caha´s work and highly recommend him to anyone who would like more than just a standard treatment that is still commonly and widely received these days.

Ing. Radim Foldyna

I would like to thank Dr. Šikl for the highly professional care of my teeth. In addition to the expertise expected, the level of communication with the patient must also be appreciated, from the explanation of the essence of the procedure he intends to perform, the options offered to the
patient, the risks that can be expected, to highly professional other services (responsiveness when booking a visit, etc.) Even these seemingly small things determine the overal satisfaction of the patient.

Prof. Ing. Jana Stávková, CSc

Dear Dr. Caha, I regularly visit your dental practice, but I must say that I have never experienced the kind of care I received at your clinic. I have several appointments ahead of me and I hope to have the teeth that I have envied several people before. Thank you.

Ing. Ludmila Charvátová
Dental clinic Šikl & Caha was established with the intention of providing patients with the best painless treatment, maximum service and comfort during their time spent here.

The design of the clinic reflects the overall concept and mission of the founders with maximum emphasis on precision in detail, cleanliness and simplicity.

Our goal is to restore the natural appearance of teeth as faithfully as possible and to try to help where preventive care has failed for any reason, whether due to patient neglect or carelessness, or inappropriate previous treatment.

Unique know-how of modern procedures, top technologies, complexity and an individual approach to treatment – these are the main pillars of success and the choice of smart clients.

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